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Zaiwalla & Co speaks to The Economic Times on how the Nirav Modi scandal will affect diamantaires

February 19 2018

Zaiwalla & Co speaks to The Economic Times and comments on how the Nirav Modi scandal will affect diamantaires. Dinesh Navadiya, 58, knows Antwerp in Belgium very well. He says he is acquainted with...
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Times of India- Sarosh Zaiwalla comments on UK Court's 3 fold increase of Force India boss's permitted living expenses.

February 15 2018

No end to the good times: UK court gives Mallya permission to spend £18,000 a week LONDON: Embattled Vijay Mallya’s bust Kingfisher Airlines may have just lost a $90 million court...
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Kartik Mittal writes for the Economic Times on Qatar sanctions and commodity prices

January 30 2018

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Indian firms 'blocking' free legal market plans

Plans to free up India's legal market are being 'blocked' by law firms unwilling to give up their monopoly despite government efforts to relax restrictions. Tentative steps have been made to...
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Recapturing your assets

If you are a Retail or Commercial Bank or other Financial Institution, Company Director or Liquidator, you may have experienced at some stage the events depicted in one or more of the scenarios set out...
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