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Lawyers at Zaiwalla & Co are adept at supporting clients through the emotional turmoil of separation and divorce while handling the finer points of the division of assets. Clients are guided through the appropriate alternative methods of resolving disputes in order to minimise both emotional distress and costs.

As specialists in cross-border family issues we advise high net worth individuals on international relocation and the financial aspects of complex divorces.

Difficult cases are our strong point. For example, we deal with international cases involving hidden assets, properties held in international trusts, paternity, and financial provision for children as well as child abduction issues. Well versed in applications to determine or challenge the jurisdiction for divorce proceedings, we also handle overseas divorce proceedings which impact on clients in the UK.

Clients come to Zaiwalla & Co for our expertise and understanding of multi-cultural family issues. Based in the UK, India, Iran, Russia, China or the Middle East, our clients experience the same level of superb expertise, understanding and empathy wherever they are. And we pride ourselves on being cost-effective too.

“Our lawyer was both empathetic and effective. While treating us gently they managed to guide us towards a very positive result which provided amply for the children. We were delighted by the service we received.” (A high net worth family)

With a wide range of high net worth families and individuals to look after we advise regularly on pre-nuptial agreements: useful tools in asset protection.  

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