About Us


Zaiwalla & Co is a London-based law firm specialising in international disputes, the first law firm in the square mile of the City of London started by a solicitor born outside Europe. Over the past 40 years we have been involved in some of the highest-profile cases in the UK. 

Clients often come to us after finding they have lost the preliminary stages of their case having instructed a  ‘magic circle’ law firm. Many have been left with a costly judgment against them, a huge bill for legal fees and a feeling that their case was not given the due attention it required.  

Our key differences are twofold:  

Firstly, we focus Partner attention on each case we take on. All of our Partners have worked on some of the largest and most significant disputes in the UK Courts in recent years. Key decisions are not left to overworked and inexperienced junior lawyers. 

Secondly, we commit to taking new and fresh approach to each of our client’s matters. Time and again our team has won a case for a client and in the course of proceedings set a legal precedent. We have now handled over 125 cases that have been reported as defining English law, a disproportionately high number for a firm of our size. 

We are uniquely affordable in comparison to our competition. Since we know how to get straight to heart of large and complex disputes, and we commit not to disproportionately overstaff our matters, our clients have the best chance of success and pay significantly less in fees along the way.  

A London-based law firm with Expert International Lawyers. Our people make Zaiwalla & Co the pioneering firm it is.

"Determined and imaginative. A unique firm."
The Legal 500